Sweet Potatoes and Pregnancy. I heard you should eat it and it should be avoided due to its vitamin A. Should I? How many times a week should I limit?

Twice a week enoug. Recommendation are to take 700 micrograms of vitamin A during pregnancy.1cup of cooked sweet potato contain 1922 micrograms of vitamin.If you are taking vitamin A in the prenatal vitamins than it does not matter if you ear sweet poptatoes or not.Otherwise twice a week will be enough.
Sweet potatoes. Vitamin A exists in two forms in foods. ANIMAL based food like beef liver, or fish contain the form of vitamin A known as RETINOL, while PLANT sources that have vitamin A contain the CAROTENOID compound. Beta-Carotene, which the body convert to vitamin A is less toxic than Retinol Your body only converts as much vitamin A from Beta Carotene as it needs-sweet potatoes are safe for you to eat.