I have chronic sinusitis, I've been told to take antibiotics when showing symptoms, my symptoms come for a day then go for a day! How do I know when?

Sinusitis . That doesn't appear to be very sound advice. You need to be under the care of a good ENT who can do a more comprehensive approach with nasal endoscopy, cultures of your sinuses with culture directed antibiotics, imaging and possibly surgery. It doesn't seem appropriate to have you making the decision when to take antibiotics and you should not be on antibiotics all the time. .
When symptoms. last for a day or so there are a number of treatments BESIDES using antibiotics frequently ( which is NOT a great idea). Ask your Primary Care Provider.!

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Do you need to take antibiotics for chronic sinusitis? If not what meds can I take? Eyes inflamed, parts of my forehead hurts a lot, headaches, cough

Yes. Chronic sinusitis does require taking antibiotics. In addition some Mucinex (guaifenesin) Dm will help to decongest you. See your doctor or contact us on Healthtap Prime. Read more...
Not necessarily. Antibiotics play a large role in the medical treatment of chronic sinusitis, but other medicines also used. Nasal steroids and, at times, oral steroids are very helpful as well. In some patients, antihistamines or mucolytics such as Mucinex (guaifenesin) are very helpful. Nasal irrigation with saline solutions has been shown to be very helpful in chronic sinus patient. Read more...