Will invisalign work after gum bone grafts?

Yes. Orthodonic therapy regardless of the type can be utilized after bone grafting procedures. Be careful that your appliances don't damage the tissues if the bone graft site is relatively new.
Invisalign. Yes, you can do invisalign after grafting but some considerations will be needed to get a good result. Not to mention that there is the risk of having to re-graft. It really depends on your specific circumstance which can't be diagnosed without an exam. There may be some huge benefits that out way the risks. Discuss options with an orthodontist or dentist.
Yes. As long as the teeth and gums are healthy, invisilign can be a good alternative to conventional orthodontics. If you're needing gum and / or bone grafting then there is either significant recession or gum disease which needs to be treated and monitored closely during the orthodontic phase of your treatment. Make sure you have cleanings every 3 months during your invisilign treatment.
Yes. Although it may be prudent to move the teeth first and then do the bone graft. Know that braces are still the gold standard for tooth movement, but clear aligner therapy may be successful for you. Your overall treatment program should be coordinated between your restorative Dentist, a Periodontal specialist, and a specialist Orthodontist.
Yes, but... Invisilign movement of teeth works after gum grafts and bone grafts. Depending on which one you have, it can be weeks or months. Generally 8 weeks following gum tissue grafts is an acceptable time to begin tooth movement. If you had bone grafts due to periodontal disease or tooth removal, you may want to wait 6 months or more. I hope this helps.
Ask periodontist. If you have had periodontal treatment, please have your periodontist evaluate your current situation before beginning any type of orthodontic treatment.
Maybe, but. Be very careful about using invisalign or having any orthodontic work if you needed gingival grafting. This kind of grafting is often necessary because your teeth do not have sufficient bone around them. A consultation with an orthodontist is important. If invisalign is indicated, it should only be done under the care of your specialist.

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Dr wants to do a bone graft surgery from my gum to lift sinus membrane. I wear invisalign retainer daily, is implant necessary? Cost vs risks?

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Cannot. Cannot make that decision for you. If tooth needs to be replaced that's a better solution than depending on retainer to hold space. If not enough bone for implant/crown a sinus lift may be the appropriate route of treatment. You need to be examined to answer your question, and we can't do physical/x-ray exam here. If your not sure, seek a second opinion. Read more...