Is 92/55 a low blood pressure?

THERE ARE INDIGENOUS. People in the remotest areas of brazil with blood pressures averaging 50/30 and pulses in the 30-40's. Bottom line is, it depends on the overall health of the individual.

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I'm 19. My blood pressure always around 120/60, sometime 110/55+. My sistolic ok but diastolic 55-60+. is this low blood pressure? What should I do?

Low BP? No. Low bp is when your stand up you faint or get dizzy. One "problem"with this pressure is you will live a very long time and will not likely suffer from heart disease. Keep up the good work.

Low blood pressure?

Can be normal. If it is always low and you feel fine, dont worry. Otherwise it can be caused by dehydration or other things. If it's new see your dr.

What is low blood pressure?

Feeling bad. Low BP is a BP that makes you feel badly: light headed, like you're going to pass out. As long as you feel good, low BP is great.
Generally < 90/60. Low blood pressure in general is a blood pressure < 90/60. However, if someone is completely asymptomatic with a blood pressure like this it may be normal fr them. A low BP needs to be a lower number than usual for a person and be associated with symptoms.
90/60. Low blood pressure is generally anything under 90/60. This may be normal for diminutive female but if this blood pressure is new or is associated with symptoms it deserves evaluation.

Is this low blood pressure?

"Low" is semantic. "normal" blood pressure is an arbitrary thing--i.e. Lower cutoffs of 100 systolic, 60 diastolic were created b/c above these are where the vast majority of people fall. However, many healthy people, as well as some people with heart or liver disease who are perfectly stable, have BP in the 80-90s range. The main point is if it is a change from your personal baseline, and whether you have symptoms.

What causes low blood pressure?

Low volume/vasodil. Either low cardiac output due to low or high hr's/low stroke volume or excessive vasodilation. Hormonal problems (like adrenal insuff) could rarely be a cause. Infection/sepsis/anemia or acute blood loss, dehydration, or cardiac pump/rhythm problems could cause.