Can consuming a lot of sugar before a blood pressure test cause hypertension?

Not hypertension... but possibility transient elevation in blood pressure which is not same thing as hypertension. Acute hyperglycemia (very rapid rise in blood glucose) in newly diagnosed type 2 diabetic patients can cause significant hemodynamic changes including elevated systolic and diastolic blood pressure by 10 mm. This would be unlikely in a non-diabetic patient.
No. There is no known correlation between high glucose levels and high blood pressure. .
Not likely. Sugar consumption has little effect on blood pressure, even in a diabetic, unless that individual develops low blood volume and dehydration from extremely high blood sugars, in excess of 600-700, .

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Can consuming a lot of sugar before a blood pressure test cause a higher blood pressure reading?

Probably not. The sugar ingestion by itself should have no effect. However if whatever you are having the sugar in also has a lot of salt, it might raise the blood poressure. Read more...

If I consume alcohol and need to take a high blood pressure test in a couple days, will drinking show up on the test?

No. Alcohol should be out of the system in a few days. The standard urine test looking for complications of blood pressure does not test for alcohol. Alcohol will increase your pressure a few points though. Read more...