Related Questions

Will the regular blood test and western blot test for Lyme disease rule out someone having it?

It is a good test. Enzyme-linked immunassay is a sreening test which if positive will be confirmed with a western-blot (=standard of testing). Although not absolutely 100%, a negative western blot is a good bet that there is no lyme at the time of testing. Early disease/infection may have negative test, thus recommended retesting in about 3 wks. Lyme dna testing is better, but more expensive. Consult doc. Good luck.
Appropriate context. Tests such as elisa or western blots are not enough to diagnose lyme. The appropriate clinical context is also needed. If the patient has never been to environments where he or she can be bitten by ticks that cause lyme (eg. Ixodes scapularis or ixodes pacifica), then testing is not really necessary. A positive result withotu exposure may represent a false (+) result or crossreactivity.

Can you have Lyme disease if the blood test comes back negative?

No. Others may argue this point but I firmly believe a positive lyme screen and western blot is essential for the diagnosis.

I recently had a blood test, it showed a potential false pos of hep b, but is there a link between Lyme disease and hepatitis?

NO. Lyme does not cause hepatitis. The clinical presentation of the 2 with aches, pains, fatigue, stiffness, weakness can overlap and be confusing. Lyme needs antibiotics hepatitis does not. See your doctor.

For physical exam blood tests, Do doctors usually check for Lyme disease or does it get noticed in the blood? Does that have to be requested?

Requested. It does have to be requested it does not showed on routine test.
Blood tests. "Routine" blood tests do not check for Lyme disease. A blood test for Lyme disease would be done when a suspicion for the disease from the history and/or physical warrants it.
No. Lyme disease is not routinely checked in blood tests. It is only checked if there are symptoms/signs that indicate a potential infection. If you are concerned, contact your physician.

I had a blood test (Western Blot), to check for Lyme Disease. The results look strange (0.45). This doesn't look like the result of any WB test I have?

Probably not Lyme. Your Western Blot would need to be above 5 for a conclusive confirmation of Lyme disease. Unless you also had known tick bite, low-grade fever, "erythema migrants", you probably had a viral illness that should resolve on its own. Do discuss this with your primary medical provider or specialist if symptoms persist.