Is bleeding after bladder sling surgery dangerous?

Could be. The procedure done properly is associated with minor bleeding. Sometimes there is a risk of bleeding heavily if some veins behind the pubic bone are injured or if the surgery is performed in a neglected manner and pelvic vessels are injured.

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At times I have vaginal bleeding when I have a bowel movement.2 yrs ago urethral bladder sling surgery. Could this be related or something else?

Fistula? This needs professional evaluation. It could be a rectovaginal fistula, i.e. an abnormal connection between the vagina and rectum. This is more likely if the vaginal blood smells or looks like it might be mixed with feces. See either your personal physician or, perhaps best, the surgeon who treated you 2 years ago. Good luck!

Has anyone had children after bladder sling surgery?

Why not. Pregnancy may cause recurrence of problem, bladder sling surgery will not prevent pregnancy in a reproductive age woman.

I have urinary retention after bladder sling surgery. Doctor tried to surgically fix it but still can not void. What can I do?

Second opinion. Releasing the sling is a simple procedure and should have worked. It often results in leakage again but not always. The only time I've seen this in a patient w/o a preexisting problem that did not reapond to release was when the patient was very anxious. This will require further evaluation by a doc who has more experience with slings than it sounds like yours might after releasing i'd stretch it.

What are the next steps after a failed bladder sling surgery?

Urology consult. A urologist will be able determine what the specific problem is, which will determine the necessary treatment.
Further evaluation. Recommend seeing a urogynecologist or a urologist with female reconstructive surgery expertise. You should have a urine test and voiding diary to rule out non-surgical issues. Then cystoscopy and urodynamic testing for further evaluation. Depending on what type of procedure you had in the past, you may or may not be a candidate for a revision +/- new anti-incontinence procedure.

Why doesn't the bladder sling surgery work for me?

Talk to your MD. Only your physician can answer with out knowing all facts, may have dysfunctional bladder, or problem in the spine etc.

Had bladder sling surgery 2wks ago. Having retention of 75-200. Output of 150-325. Dr wants to loosen sling now. May get better? Hold off or surgery?

Toss up. Please talk at length with your urologist. This is serious surgery and you want to know all the advantages & disadvantages & side effects about having this revision done.
Maybe. Having done thousands of slings, I've found that mesh slings are more "all or none" on voiding. If your stream is normal and not weaker than before, then waiting is probably reasonable. If it's very weak, then maybe more consideration should be given for revision. Understand that because of rather rapid tissue ingrowth, mesh slings cannot be "loosened" very easily after about 3 weeks.

Has anyone had a bladder sling surgery recently?

Yes. Incontinence surgery is quite commonplace and is routinely done on essentially any surgical service. Do you have a specific question regarding these procedures?