Would toothpaste or a 5% benzoyl peroxide cream heal a pimple faster?

5% benzoyl peroxide. While toothpaste is used by many on pimples, I would think that benzoyl peroxide, an ingredient in acne medication, should be more effective.
They both work. They both work but differently. Toothpaste dries out the pimple, benzoyl peroxide acts to "clean it".
Pimple vs toothpaste. A pimple is a micro-abscess which would benefit from the antiseptic properties of benzoyl peroxide. There are, however more appropriate antibiotics creams/ointments. O answer the question directly, yes toothpaste is likely to heal a pimple faster.

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Which is more effective in acne healing: toothpaste or a 5% benzoyl peroxide cream?

Benzoil peroxide. I am not 100% certain, but I would think that benzoil peroxide cream would be more effective since that is what it was developed to treat as opposed to toothpaste which was designed to clean teeth and fight cavities.
Benzoyl Peroxide. There is no reason to think that toothpaste would do you any good at all for your acne. Save it for your teeth.

Would 2.5% benzoyl peroxide cream be safe to use on pimple?

Probably. 2.5% BP cream is nearly always safe, unless you're one of the rare people who is allergic to benzoyl peroxide. If it's not effective, however, see a dermatologist for a more comprehensive treatment regimen.

Does benzoyl peroxide cream reduce the size or number of pimples?

Yes. Benzoyl peroxide is a wonderful treatment for mild acne. It works by killing p. Acnes, the bacteria involved in the formation of acne. It needs to be applied regularly (daily) for at least one month before the full effects are seen. It works well in combination with other acne treatments.

I get pimples during summertime on my chin area. Can I use benzoyl peroxide cream just on my pimples? I use a normal oil free cleanser and nothing else

Acne. Benzyl Peroxide creams are a great first line approach for use on mild acne; it is fine to use them on the areas of concern. If there is any worsening or no improvement consider seeing a dermatologist for an evaluation and treatment regimen.

Does benzoyl peroxide cream or gel help with uneven skin tone caused from sun & blemishes caused from pimples? Help

No. Try exfoliating with a facial skin cleanser and get hydro quinine bleaching cream as well as Retin-A cream from your dermatologist to even skin time. Also be careful of sun exposure without sunscreen on.
Retin A (tretinoin) poss better. Benzoyl peroxide can be a useful agent for the treatment of acne, but probably doesn't really help pigmentation caused by acne or other causes. Retinoids (trentinoin, retin a, (tretinoin) retinol, etc) can help reduce pore blockage as well as reduce pigmentation caused by acne and sun damage. Other tx can be helpful. Consult with your dermatologist in order to learn what options might be most useful to you.

Does benzoyl peroxide cream work for back acne?

Sort-of. Acne on the back usually require an antibiotic in addition to benzoyl peroxide or whatever non-antibiotic you prefer. Topical Clindamycin may help but many folks with acne on the back, and most men with bad acne on the back, will spend a few years on a systemic antibiotic that's right for them.