Can you deviate your septum without breaking your nose? And would it be painful or have any symptoms?

Deviated septum. A deviated septum is a common issue. It can be caused by trauma, position in utero and even during the birth process. If there are symptoms like nasal obstruction, snoring or recurrent sinusitis, have your nose evaluated by a board certified otolaryngologist.
Sure. You an acquire a deviated septum without a fracture of your nose. A deviated septum (the partition between the nostrils) can be crooked or bent as the result of abnormal growth or injury. It may not need be painful as it can occur over time in some case.
You're A Deviant?? Some people are born with a deviated septum.Others develop a deviated septum after injury or trauma to the nose. It can affect breathing on the side of the bulge.Some people are more prone to sinus infections or nosebleeds.Some will be more prone to snoring. If you don't have any symptoms then don't worry about it.If you do decide if you can live with it or take a medicine. The surgery is brutal.
YES. Trauma? Nasal allergies, congenital ,snorting cocaine/heroin can all cause nasal obstruction and difficulty breathing through the nose.