Can I use anusol cream to settle down my yeast infection pain?

Won't work. Anusol cream is not an antifungal and it will not help a vaginal yeast infection. In fact, if it contains steroid cream it may make the infection worse. I would recommend an over the counter vaginal yeast medication.

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On keflex have developed a yeast infection down there given meds for that by can't take yet. Can I do over the counter cream treatments for now???

No need to wait. Why can't you take the yeast treatment yet? You don't need to finish your cephalexin (Keflex) first. If in doubt, check with the doctor's office where it was prescribed. But if you want to start OTC yeast treatment, that would also be OK. Choose any product with active ingredient ending in "azole" (miconazole, clotrimazole, etc).

I have a yeast infection & skin down there is very raw. I am on diflucan (fluconazole). What over-the-counter product can soothe small tears on labia? Any creams?

Yeast vaginal. There are several over the counter medicines that you could try; Gyne-Lotrimin, Monistat cream. At times high blood sugar could also cause yeast infections. So if this problem continues see your doctor for another evaluation.

I've been itching and burning down by my vulva area. I assumed it was a yeast infection and used 3-day Monistat with cream but I'm still itchy.?

Infection. You need to see a doctor, it maybe a different type of infection.
Bacterial. You could have a bacterial vaginal infection that can cause similar symptoms. Another possibility is an allergic reaction. See your doctor or urgent care for exam and testing.
Bacterial Shift. Sometimes a bacterial shift/vaginosis can mimic a yeast infection. Id get a full check up with your doctor as this is easily diagnosed and treated once they see you.

How do I know the yeast infection cream is working?

Improved symtpoms. The discharge is not apparent & vulvar redness, itching & burning are resolving. Hopefully there is no longer pain with urination.

I have a yeast infection and I'm using OTC creams. Are there foods/drinks that I should avoid/use to help?

Probiotics. Probiotics, obtained either from food or supplements, are good bacteria that act protectively within your body. Filling your system with these through regular use inhibits nasty harmful organisms like yeast from growing to begin with. Additional benefits include stronger immunity, better digestion, and even better skin.

Had a yeast infection, treated it took medication, cream, etc. And I still feel like I have it? How would I know if its really gone.?

See your doctor. If you feel like you still have the yeast infection, see your doctor. They can do a vaginal exam to confirm, and prescribe different yeast medicine if indicated. Hope this helps!

Last night was the last day of using the yeast infection cream. Is it okay to use tampons now, or should I wait a few days?

Tampons in yeast inf. Best to wait a few days for maximal comfort. You can take acidophilus or another supplement like Flor-a-Stor to prevent yeast recurrence, too.