What type of food heal the kidneys, and still are part of a diabetic diet?

No. There are no certain foods that "heal" the kidneys, generally speaking. As a diabetic, it would be wise to maintain a diabetic diet, control your blood sugars with appropriate medications, maintain a healthy weight (through diet and exercise), control your blood pressure, and also take an ace/arb medication (if recommended by your physician).
Nutrition. Complex carbs in moderation, only lean meat and fish in moderation, polyunsaturated fats, and lots of antioxidants.
No. Foods dont heal kidneys - if your kidneys are on the way out b/c of diabetes - in short - your screwed. Your only hope - rarely happens - erase your diabetes - cut your carbs, lose your weight - go thru basic training (if your heart will tolerate) - your weight will drop, sugars and blood pressure will normalize. Then see if you can "heal" or rather arrest the decline in kidney function.