How many organs are part of the respiratory system?

Interesting !? Starting from the top: the lips, mouth, throat. trachea, larynx, right and left main stem bronchi, smaller bronchial passages and the tiny alveoli (where oxygen & carbon dioxide are exchanged) and the pulmonary vessels are all part of the respiratory system One of its most remarkable aspects is its ability to make speech and other sounds. There's no other like it in the animal kingdom.
# of organs in the. Lungs - the major organ - responsible for gas exchange, heart - responsible to pump blood into and out of the lungs trachea - "windpipe" mouth and nose - serve to condition the incoming air diaphragm - responsible for generating the negative forces to draw air in rib cage - "container" for the system blood vessels and lastly brain to run the whole thing so 8 in my opinion.
Anatomy Lesson. In the strictest sense,those organs are:trachea and bronchi(large airways) and the bronchioles and alveoli (the small airways) collectively,all part of the lungs, of which there are two.Adjunctive'organs'would be the nose and oropharynx(back part of the throat),larynx ('voicebox')and those parts of the nervous and vascular system that help regulate breathing.I'm not sure if bongs and hookahs apply.
Hmm. Are you talking. ventilation or respiration? systemic or cellular? You've got the airway & lungs. But you need the diaphragm to create negative pressure to inhale air. Plus, you need the brain to provide the drive to breath. & you need the heart to move the blood through the lungs and enough red blood cells to switch out the CO2 for the O2. So is it: moving air, exchanging gases, or breaking glucose into H2O+CO2?