Have ear infection (otitis Externa) swelling has gone down, but pain inside and around ear still. Stiff neck and a little hearing loss?

Ear infection. Temporary hearing loss can happen with the infection. The stiff neck might be referred pain from the ear, or you can have a muscular strain if you were favoring that side due to the pain. If not better with the ear then get re evaluated to see if you need different drops.

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Have an ear infection (otitis Externa) Swelling has gone down in my ear, but there is still pain in and behind my ear and I have a stiff neck?

Pain causes spasm. The pain of external otitis can take days to resolve, but decreased swelling is reassuring. It is not uncommon when there is inflammation in the lymph nodes, that the muscles around that area will tend to cramp, and that may be the reason for the stiff neck. Also, when muscles cramp, movoement causes pain, so unsure which came first. Ibuprofen taken orally and gentle neck massage may be helpful. Read more...