What are some over-the-counter eye drops like alrex (loteprednol)?

None. Alrex (loteprednol) is a steroid. No steroid is available over the counter as you should be following up with an eye doctor when using them. Alrex (loteprednol) is most commonly used for allergies. There are other allergy medications available over the counter (alaway, zaditor) but they do not work the same way as alrex (loteprednol).

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I was wondering what are some over-the-counter eye drops that are like alrex (loteprednol)?

Allergies. Allergies cause itching ; tearing. Over-the-counter allergy medicine ; eyedrops help relieve it. Zaditor (ketotifen) is a good eyedrop that used to be prescription. Take one drop 2 x day. Read more...