I had my last miscarriage about 5 weeks ago. No period as yet, have sore breast and cramps. What does this mean?

Depends. Have you been sexually active and having unprotected sex. If yes, you may wish to do a home pregnancy test. Use first morning urine and follow the instructions in the kit carefully.
Need more info. This is an interesting question that is commonly occurs and may be due to hormonal changes or something else .Please see your OB/GYN who knows you best and can after an exam help you.
Miscarriage effects. A miscarriage is likely to cause disruption in your menstruation regularity. The soreness of nipple and cramps are also due to the hormonal imbalance from the event. It should normalize by 2-3 cycle periods.

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My last period started may 20 and lasted five days, had sex a week later and now I'm three weeks late with cramps and sore breast but neg test. Help?

Be patient. The Pregnancy tests are pretty sensitive, so you need to be patient. You can wait until your next period as next to being pregnant, one of the next common causes is a simple missed ovulatory cycle (Anovulatory cycle). If your next period comes on normally, you are fine. Keep checking preg tests to re-assure yourself, but be patient. Check with GYN if it period does not return. Best wishes. Read more...