What is best for a vertebral compression fracture and why: vertebroplasty, balloon kyphoplasty, or radiofrequency kyphoplasty?

Stabilizes fracture. Kyphoplasty is an excellent treatment for patients with osteoporotic compression fractures that are failing conservative care or are in debilitating pain. It relieves the pain by stabilizing the fracture. Check out kyphon. Com.
Rest. These heal well with time intervention hasn't been shown to give better long term results only quicker pain relief I thought kyphoplasty worked wonderfully for new severe fracture pain.
Treating MD's choice. The best kind of treatment for the patient is actually the treatment option done best by the treating physician. One is not necessarily superior over others, as long as the treating physician is competent in the technique. One has to take into account multiple factors, including the level of fracture, degree of compression, fracture fragment locations, patient medical issues, etc.