I've been haveing ear pain. Sometimes the pain extends to my jaw. A couple times now I've woken up in the middle of the night ad its unhinged slightly?

Ear and jaw pain. Not sure what you mean by unhinged slightly, but ear pain radiating to the jaw may be a sign of a TMJ problem, or a temporomandibular disorder. If it wakes you up at night, it's time to seek treatment. It could also be as simple as an ear infection.
Probably TMJ trouble. Temporal mandibular joint syndrome is common and often the result of excessive teeth grinding/clenching, usually during sleep. The TMJ is slight in front/upper are of your ear and inflammation here can cause pain into ear and jaw. If pushing on the TMJ area and widely opening/closing your mouth causes pain, then it is likely tmj. Motrin/aleve, use of night guard may help. Consult doc. Good luck.