Best way to get pregnant had tubal but can't afford reversal or IVF please help?

Not possible. A woman who had a tubal sterilization has two choices if she wants to try and have a baby: tubal reversal or ivf. That's it.
Not unless... I'm sorry, unless your tubal ligation failed (roughly 1 in 100) your chance of natural conception is zero. Costs aside, you may have a good chance with ivf or anastomosis ('tubal reversal.') a reproductive endocrinologist can help you learn more about these options.
Check costs too. I agree with other docs that surgery or ivf is the only realistic option. You could use donated embryos which is less expensive than ivf but the embryos will not be from you or your partner. Importantly, you may be able to find an ivf program that you can afford - check prices. Also some programs offer refund guarantees so that you get most money back if no baby. Ivf can cost less than a car!