Is dark urine normal for the bladder?

It Depends. If your urine is a bit darker in the morning or when you are dehydrated, that can be normal because the urine is just a bit more concentrated. This will normalize if you drink fluids, and if it does you're generally fine. However, blood in the urine, or urine the color of dark tea/ cola drinks is not, and you should contact your doctor if that occurs, or with any questions.
Sometimes. Dark urine can represent a number of issues including dehydration, infection or ingestion of a chemical that causes color change when excreted. If the urine remains dark, has a strong odor, or urination becomes increasingly freqent or painful, you should have your doctor evaluate your symptoms and a urinalysis.

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Dark urine bladder pain and back pain does it mean that I have an std?

UTI vs. Stone. From your description, your pain may be from a UTI or a stone passing down from your kidney toward your bladder. With a stone, your pain will tend to migrate from back, to front, to groin. Blood in the urine can make it seem dark or tea colored. Bladder pain arises from bladder inflammation (UTI) or stone irritation. Your best bet is to be evaluated by a urologist. Go to the er if any fever. Read more...
Likely not. It could just be ordinary bladder and kidney infection. Std presents usually with penile discharge, bumps or blisters. See your dr for reassurance. Best wishes! http://std-gov.Org/. Read more...