Can you get pregnant after having a tubal litigation its been 10 years since I had it done.?

Need help. If a tubal ligation is going to fail & there is going to be an unintended pregnancy, the vast majority happen in the first year after the procedure. At 10 years, it's very unlikely you'd get pregnant; that said, if you want to get pregnant, ivf or other assisted reproductive technologies may be able to help.
Yes. The length of time your tubes are tied is a zero factor. Success depends on three factors: 1. Skill of the surgeon, 2. Length of tubal segments remaining, and 3. Age of the patient. In skilled hands, the surgery is safe and the risk of an ectopic is less than 5%. An operative report may help but is not always "accurate". Ivf is also an option but generally costs a lot more. Hope this helps.
Often 'yes' Length of time since ligation isn't so important, except that 10 years have gone by. You may be a good candidate for ivf or possibly tubal reversal; meet with a reproductive endocrinologist to learn more. Unless your reversal has failed though, these are your only options.