I had an ischemic finger for 30 min following a blood donation and then kayaking the next day. Is it raynauds or vasospasm?

Possibly both. What you are describing can be reynauds phenomenon. The underlying problem with r is likely a vasospasm of the small arterial capillaries, generally in the fingers, though the process can affect the distal portions of body, tip of nose, toes.
Raynaud is vasospasm. Raynauds like symptoms can also occur due to other conditions that are not true raynaud's. Be sure that the reason you are labeled with raynauds is in fact due to another condition. Raynauds phenomena includes raynauds disease and raynauds syndrome the disease is idiopathic or primary or just present with out other cause. The syndrome can be related to certain drugs, tobacco, vasospastic disea.