Is there a concern for these test results: ANA=neg; ESR=24 (range 0-20); LDH=233, (R100-190); RF=11 (R 0-13.9) Have osteoarthritis, DM, OSA. Asthma, ?

FATIGUE WITH OSA. OSA IS THE ONLY REAL ISUE HERE :: Provigil is cheaper and better tolerated than Nuvigil .Also adderal/Ritalin/Starttera can help. Start a gluten free diet gut If CPAP/BIPAP is poorly tolerated seek ENT CONSULT for UPP/ vs Hyoid suspension. ALSO FOCUS ON WEIGHT LOSS. Topamax (topiramate) can help with sleep and weight loss.
Probably not. The only abnormal test is the LDH which could have been from the blood cells breaking down during handling in the lab. If you are concerned, get the LDH repeated.