I've been experiencing burning, tingling and cold sensation trough my body expecially in my hands and legs. Any home remedies can help?? please

Vasculitis ? Allergic responses, viral syndromes, brain and spinal cord trauma, neurological damage, sleep deprivation, drug withdrawal, psychological disorders, and many other things can bring on symptoms similar to this. I suggest you see a doctor at an urgent care center or ER if you have no regular GP to see, immediately to sort out what is happening to you.
Diagnosis needed. These symptoms are concerning and may be due to various causes such as certain vitamin or mineral deficiencies,thyroid abnormalities,neurologic disorders,etc. I recommend that you have an evaluation by your physician who will send you for appropriate tests rather than you try to treat yourself with overcharge counter products. Get a proper diagnosis.
Not really. please see a physician for proper evaluation and treatment Home remedies may delay the real diagnosis and treatment.