Lumps in armpit area?

Lymph node vx. infxn. There are lymph nodes in the armpits which can be felt as little lumps - sometimes we can feel them even if there is nothing wrong. Also possible to get ingrown hair, infected follicle or boil in the armpit if red/tender. If small, moves when you touch it, and no pain, it's fine to watch & wait, but if red, sore/painful or increasing in size, get checked by a doctor.

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I have 2 lumps, one in my armpit area and the other just by my body right side, the pain goes and come but not really serious. What do I do?

Have it checked out. Enlarged lymph nodes, benign growths like sebaceous cyst, and malignant growths can present in the area of concern. It is best to have your doctor look at them. F/u: since your doctor felt it was lymph node, then next step is decide if it is large;/firm to be concerned about cause. Followup exam is one way; another is to obtain fine needle aspiration (stick needle into ln) biopsy. Read more...