I've tried restoril trazadone remeron celexa an Ambien (zolpidem) none of them worked or just worked for like two weeks & stopped what's the best sleep meds?

Worked for 2 weeks. only Ambien (zolpidem) is habit forming. If you took many of those COMBINED and not sleep well, means you have severe mental disease not just sleep problem. If Rx works for only 2w then means not proper dosing for long term benefit. You have severe problem and need a psychiatrist early to avoid aggravation and waste of time and health by symptomatic treatment.
Specialist. Your best move would be to see a physician who specializes in sleep disorders as it's not advisable to become dependent on these types of medications especially at your age as they become quite habit forming and you wouldn't want to become dependent on them.The physician would perform a thorough evaluation of your insomnia and advise you on medication or Referrals to other specialists as well.

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I've tried many sleep aid remeron trazadone Ambien (zolpidem) some depressant none workd doc keeps mentioning seroquel is it the last thing they want 2 prescribe?

Healthier Suggestion. How about we figure out why a 23-year-old woman has insomnia that is so pervasive she needs to be tried on so many different sleeping medications that don't seem to work? Don't you agree that finding the root cause would be the better solution? Be happy to guide you as a neurologist. Write to me @ www.healthtap.com/drsaghafi . Read more...