Too little sodium? Started eating low fat raw vegan and wondering if my sodium levels will drop too low. Consume around 100-150mg a day.

MAY NEED MORE SODIUM. In a nov. 22, 2011 jama article: a mcmaster university study suggests that both high and low levels of salt intake may put people with heart disease or diabetes at increased risk of cardiovascular complications. Their study is the first to report a j-shaped association between sodium intake and cardiovascular disease. The study is interesting because too little sodium intake may be harmful!-wow.
Yes, too little. It is very difficult to be on 150 mg of sodium a day. In the hospital patient with congestive heart failure, we put them on 4 gm (4000 mg) sodium diet and they are complaining. Almost all food has sodium (all meat, fish, vegetables, commercial noodles, potatoes & pastas, etc). So it is almost impossible to take in 150mg/day. Our body does need sodium. No added salt is adequate.