My granddaughter is 5yrs old, she now has a heart mummer with slight heart enlargement, her body has swelling and her last sed rate is 22.?

See cardiologist. Your grand daughter heart is not pumping well , getting large swelling of the body,she is going in . congestive heart failure .She needs treatment ,Get her checked up by cardiologist and get her treated NOW before it is late .Herl last sed rate is only little high ,that happens in this condition.
? question ? You listed some non specific data but did not ask a question. If your GD's murmur was not noticed before 5, and her body is ? swelling ? ,that and a sed rate of 22 don't point to any specific diagnosis. To make it to 5 rules out many of the scary heart defects, but not other problems.She should be under the care of a physician who can assess her needs and refer her to specialists if needed.