Briefly explain the symptoms of proliferative retinopathy if bleeding occurs?

Vision clouding. Frequently stemming from diabetes, peripheral retinopathy involves new fragile blood vessels that can begin to grow in the retina and into the vitreous humor. (The gel-like fluid that fills the back of the eye). The new blood vessels are fragile and may leak blood into the vitreous humor, clouding vision.
Floaters. New floaters and or blurring of the vision. You need regular dilated eye exams by your retina specialist even without new symptoms if you have this disease.

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What is bilateral proliferative retinopathy and how is it treated?

Laser. First, controll your blood sugar and blood pressure. Laser is typically used to controll the affects that diabetes has on the eyes. Occasionally medicine is placed in the eye as well. More importantly, keep all your appointments with your eye doctor, preferably a retinal specialist, as proliferative retinopathy is easier to treat a little at a time. Read more...
Translation. Bilateral=both eyes proliferative retinopathy=small abnormal blood vessels (veins) growing from the veins on the surface of the retina. Read more...