What is a cheaper drug, I am currently using seroquel (quetiapine) but I do not have insurance anymore and the generic for it is expensive, for bi polar disorder?

Patient Assistance. You may qualify for the patient assistance program from the drug company astra zeneca. Go to their website and check it out. There will be some forms to fill out and places for your dr to sign. Then, you could qualify to receive the seroquel (quetiapine) free of charge.
Bipolar meds. There are a number of alternate choices for treating bipolar disorder; however, not all may work as well for you as the seroquel (quetiapine). Many of them are equally as expensive. Lithium may be an option, but it requires blood tests to monitor levels & kidney function. Discuss your dilemma with fp who can work out a viable solution for you.
Lithium and depakote. Lithium and Depakote are older and cheaper but still effective mood stabilizers. However, generic seroquel (quetiapine) can be found relatively inexpensively at some pharmacies (such as costco). It may also be possible to enroll in a patient-assistance program for name-brand meds.