I'm pregnant and my baby gets hiccups 2 4 times every day is there something wrong? Heart rate has always been good on the doppler and he moves alot.

Hiccups NORMALreflex. Newborns are born with many reflexes (involuntary muscle actions/contractions) that may help with survival. One example is a rooting reflex: touch a baby's cheek, he/she will turn it's head & make sucking movements--as if to 'root out a nipple'. Hiccups are a reflex of the diaphragm (breathing muscle) preparing to do it job: breathing. This is a normal phenomenon.
No. Hiccups are normal in the developing fetus and is one of the very most reassuring signs of a healthy pregnancy.
Spontaneous event. One theory blames the close proximity of the infant stomach & breathing muscle for hiccups. As one rubs against the other an electrical wave is triggered that circled the diaphragm causing the muscle to spasm. The wave continues to circle until it fades. Get ready for more after delivery. As the kid grows, the stomach drops away from the diaphragm & the process stops.