Is krill oil better than other oils for my omega 3's?

Omega 3. Krill oil has less mercury than fish oil omega 3.
Omega 3. Krill oil advertises having less mercury than typical source of fish-oil omega 3 and comes from further towards the beginning of the food chain, advertised to be more 'pure' but if you don't have any allergies against salmon or fish, you can save money by buying fish oil omega 3 pills and eating more salmon.
About the same. Krill and fish oils are about the same in their omega 3 content. Krill oil also contains astaxanthin, which is an antioxidant that is touted as being very "powerful". There is controversy over the wisdom of harvesting krill. It is the backbone of the marine food chain. If we overharvest it, consequences would be dire, though krill seller say overharvesting won't happen. Http://1.usa. Gov/jv8kie.
Maybe. Krill oil has the same omega 3 fatty acids as fish oil. However, some people report a better taste, less after taste and fewer "fishy burps" later on. It is a bit more expensive, however. Try it and see how it works for you.
Not necessarily. Look at the details of the supplement. Many fish oil supplements actually have very little omega 3's in them, & it's often difficult to tell what else is in them. Epa dha are the omega 3's most studied/shown to be beneficial, but often r not the main part of the fish oil supplement. As unregulated products u can't know 100%, but at least make sure they list the good things as the main components.
Omega 3 = snake oil. Krill oil and fish oil are the new snake oil, both are high in omega 3 fatty acids which are extremely fragile. Omega 3 fish oils reduce triglycerides by impairing the liver's ablility to make them. However the oxidative stress caused by fish oil actually raises LDL cholesterol. Some day we may use the phrase "this is just more fish /krill oil" or "here comes the fish/krill oil salesman".

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How effective is krill oil for getting your omega-3 fatty acids?

It is but. There is omega 3 in krill oil and it is in many other forms Such as TherOmega which you can get on the internet. But caution there are side effects of omega 3 - some get extra heart beats.

Now krill oil is being touted as the better Omega-3 that is more pollution-free, besides having the antioxidant astaxanthin. Are all brands equal?

Definitly not equal. Studies on supplements demonstrate what happens when you have an industry taht is totally unregulated: you have no idea what you are getting and no idea of the storage requirements nor expiration date. The best we have is USP certified and that still lacks some imporatne telements like expiration date.

1 gm of krill oil (420mg omega-3) and 1 gm of fish oil (500mg omega-3) is there any different in terms of efficiency and absorption?

See below. Both are good sources of omega-3's & both should be purchased from reliable sources. Major concern is possible mercury contamination, which is more likely & in higher concentration in fish as they are higher in food chain & toxins are more concentrated. Krill come from deep antarctic waters where toxins are less likely to be found. Sources also recommend astaxanthin (an antioxidant) be present.