My five year old's front bottom teeth are loose. Oner more than the other. Debating to have dentist pull them or should I do it?

Let them fall out. Losing baby teeth is normal at 5 years old. There is no need for you or the dentist to pull them out forcefully, and this can be very traumatic for your child. Best to let them fall out naturally. Even if s/he accidentally swallows a baby tooth, it will pass through without any harm, so no need to worry.
See below. No reason to have pulled. They should fall out on their own.
Wait. This is normal. They should fall out in their own. If the adult teeth begin to erupt at the same time. Then have the .Baby teeth extracted.
Find source. There can be many reasons besides oral hygiene. Discuss it with your dentist.
Confused. Generally, nature takes its course and deciduous, or baby, teeth fall out on their own. If there seems to be a problem, like teeth that are not loose that should be, or adult teeth erupting behind retained baby teeth, see a dentist for diagnosis and proper treatment. Dentistry is rarely a do-it-yourself type of thing.