Anion gap 2. Sodium normal. Moms sis died from multiple myeloma. Should I be concerned? Just got test back. 57 years old. Tsh 0.20 I'm on Synthroid (thyroxine)

If your TSH. is consistently low, you need to have your doctor reduce your dose of Synthroid (thyroxine) and recheck your levels after six weeks or more.
Not really. A low anion gap is not something we worry about. It's true that sometimes people with multiple myeloma can have a low anion gap because their protein is high and their albumin is low. But having the blood sit too long also causes a low anion gap. What is your protein and albumin? Having a low TSH when taking Synthroid (thyroxine) can mean the dose is too high, but it depends on the reason you take It. .