Have a pain in my stomach for months, right, 2 inches below rib. Amylase 30% higher than max. Ultrasound normal. Ulcer or...?

Treat pain, keep on. Hi Rebecca777. I hope you are getting some medical help with the pain. Of course in that area, the liver, bile system, and pancreas are of concern. Glad the ultrasound is normal, but that doesnt rule out a gall bladder problem, and a duodenal or even stomach ulcer is also possible. Working with a smart GI specialist would probably be best, and if possible an MRI and/or endoscopy would be helpful.
Further tests.. The duration of the pain is concerning. You clearly need more tests. I suggest you see a gastroenterologist. EGD, colonoscopy (look at where the colon lies anatomically in the right upper quadrant) and possibly a CT scan may be necessary to elucidate the cause of the pain. Unfortunately amylase is not a particularly useful test in the level of elevation that you describe.