If your baby is stillborn, should you look at it?

I encourage them to. The pregnancy creates the expectation and preparation for an outcome. Many don't understand how mothers can cope with this event, and I have seen many different reactions over the years. I do encourage the parents to visualize and hold the baby.Without doing so, mom's can be haunted by what baby may have looked like, and have recurrent nightmares that include deformities and other imagined events.
No good answer. It's strictly an individualized decision. How old is the baby. How "fragile" are the parents. It's strictly a personal decision.
Depends. There is no right or wrong. Some parents prefer to look at or hold their stillborn babies, others may not . It is up to the couple . Most hospitals have bereavement teams who will wrap the baby. For those who do not wish to or cannot cope with seeing the baby at that time they will take a photo for those who may want to see the baby when they are feeling better.