What is the dosage of the areds formulation?

2 tabs daily, am+pm. AREDS formulation is taken 2 tabs daily, divided into twice daily dosing, AM plus PM. The formulation involves Vit C, Vit E, and minerals such as zinc, copper, and herbal agents lutein, and zeoxanthin. Its purpose is to supple nutrients to the eyes, esp those who cannot tolerate beta-carotene.
Original Formulation. 1)vitamin c 500 mg 2)vitamin e 400 iu (while high dose vitamin e may increase risk prostate cancer dose left unchanged) 3)beta-carotene 15 mg 4)zinc oxide 80 mg 5)cupric oxide 2 mg the areds2 modifications to reduce macular degeneration and cataracts include: 1) 10 mg lutein & 2 mg zeaxanthin 2) 350 mg dha and 650 mg epa 3) no beta-carotene (use increases lung cancer in smokers 4) 25 mg zinc.