I was given a toradol shot yesterday how long do I have to wait until I can take ibuprofen?

If no kidney/liver. problems, can generally take an analgesic like ibuprofen within 4-6 hours after Toradol injection. In your case, with a history of gastritis and high blood pressure, I'd be extremely careful about use of any NSAIDS because they can cause/exacerbate gastritis & raise blood pressure by effects on/damage to kidneys. See dr. for other pain relief options.
Toradol. you can take it today. Either 600mg every 6 hours or 800 mg every 8 hours.
Not recommended. If you are taking ketorolac you should not be taking any other NSAID medications. This could lead to kidney problems. You should continue to take ketorolac every 6 hours for 2-4 days. This is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent and pain medication.