Is a mixture of fruit juices healthier than a smoothie?

Depends on contents. Extracted vegetable juices that are organic - can be very healthy.
Glycemic Load. Gaining weight with any form of sugar is a function of how much Insulin is released when sugar gets into your blood stream. Insulin produces the fat. So a great tool is to research the glycemic index (GI) of food and become familiar with the glycemic load that combines the.
How about eat fruit. Truthfully, the best way to go would be to just eat the fruit - maintain the fiber benefit and may keep you full longer, so you'll eat less. Juices and smoothies get absorbed more quickly, sometimes wreck the fiber benefit, and if you're not careful you'll end up eating more calories in the course of the day.

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If you could recommend two fruit juices to enhance fertility what would they be? I make smoothies 3x a week at home. I want something daily on the go.

BestAvoidFruitJuices. Since all fruits are high in sugars, juices made from them is even higher in sugar content. Polycystic ovarian syndrome, along with metabolic syndrome, obesity, dm ; ↑ed rates of cardiovascular disease are all driven by sugar/simple carbohydrate intake. Thus the idea that fruit juices would enhance fertility opposite reality. Study mary enig, gary taubes, peter attia, dietdoctor. Com, robert lustig.
No such thing. There is nothing in nature or in fruits or vegetables to enhance fertility.