What countries accept holistic therapy most?

China, India? My guess is that china and india do, since their traditional medicines are holistic in nature and still meet the health needs of billions of people. Acceptance of holism in the west is probably highest in germany but it is widespread and growing in america, and uk as well.
Interesting question. In some countries, "holistic" (whole person, healing oriented, low-technology but highly relational) medicine is the norm for more people than is our western-based "biomedicine." possibilities include botanical medicine, homeopathy, ayurveda, tcm, etc in places like china, india, and south america. Europe (england, scotland, ireland, germany, france, etc) use a lot these therapies too.
Many. I think many countries are open to a holistic approach in addition to western medicine. The problem arises when 'holistic' means 'nonscientific' . In that case it tends to be rejected by the more educated systems .