What is neurodegenerative disorder?

CNS cell disease. A type of disease in which cells of the central nervous system stop working or die. Neurodegenerative disorders usually get worse over time and have no cure. They may be genetic or be caused by a tumor or stroke. Neurodegenerative disorders also occur in people who drink large amounts of alcohol or are exposed to certain viruses or toxins. Examples: alzheimer's disease and parkinson's disease.
MANY neuro disorders. 'neurodegenerative' disorder literally means a disorder of the 'nervous system' (brain, spinal cord, nerves) that is likely to 'degenerate' (not get better/get worse with time). Many neurological diseases fit in this category: parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, als=lou gehrigs, cerebeller degeneration, etc.. Treatment is aimed at promoting quality of life.