I have hypothyroidism, take synthroid (thyroxine). body temp is falling to 95 degrees and I am waking in cold sweats soaked. Have anemia and B12 deficient.?

Possible relation. It is not unusual for patients who have hypothyroidism to have anemia. An autoimmune disease could cause the hypothyroidism and cause antibodies against the factors that make you absorb vitamin B12. The later is usually called pernicious anemia and usually needs vitamin B12 treatment to correct it. Cold intolerance can be caused by hypothryaoidism. Sweets unusual. You should see a doctor for this.
Anemia and hypothyro. hyppothyroidism may cause anemia..the drop of the temp .is also one sign of hypothyroidism. I will recommend you check with your doctor to evaluate if you need more synthroid (thyroxine) and also to evaluate other conditions that may be related to hypothyroid status.

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Homocysteine level was 13.5. I have hypothyroidism which I'm on Synthroid (thyroxine) for. I'm folate deficient and B12 level was 292. Should I supplement?

Yes, but. I would also take b12. Homocysteine has five degredation pathways, two mediated by folate, (folic acid) one by b6, and two by b12. 2500 mcg of B12 is 416 x the mdr and reduces homocysteine more than any nutriceutical if no deficiency exists. Read more...