What is the best to do for your kids? Buy kfc or make something at home like hamburger helper?

Healthy kids. Remember, kids are an empty slate. Good habits they learn in their youth will be maintained into their adulthood. Fast foods and convenience foods are not healthy. Support natural foods, fruits and vegetables, lean proteins like fish and low fat snacks with fiber.
Avoid prepared foods. Instead of either, there are simple meals you can prepare that contain less sodium, starch, and more nutrients. You can quickly steam broccoli or peas over boiling water, then use the water to make pasta, add some low-fat parmesan cheese. Or combine shredded cooked chicken tenders baby spinach and pecans. Or tuna mayo celery for tuna salad. [spread on whole grain toast]. Or almond butter on apples.
Buy them . Baked kfc chicken. Hamburger helper has tons of sodium and other unhealthy stuff, more than baked chicken, some mashed potatoes and corn.