Should all infants have an exam for autism?

Screen all toddlers. It is recommended that all toddlers receive a screening for autism/developmental problems at 18 months of age and again at 24-30 months of age. Theses screens are done by your pediatrician and followed up by them. Early diagnosis can lead to early treatment and better outcomes for autism and other developmental problems.
Best practice. When developmental surveillance using standardized developmental & behavioral screening tests is part of every well-child visit, delays in social communication & reciprocal social interaction can be found in infancy. No diagnosis is needed for early intervention services. The m-chat, stat & pddst-ii are autism-specific screens recommended for all kids at 18 & 24 mos., but useful from 16-40 months.
Timing . Developmental disabilities like Autism and it's spectrum can only be properly picked up when a kid is old enough to show features.Infants may begin to show early signs as they approach a year in some cases,if evaluated by experienced hands.Universal screening of all children is now the standard of care and generally done by 18 mo unless suspected sooner.