If I have a sore toe, do I go to podiatry?

Yes. A podiatrist would be your first choice.
Yes. Podiatrists specialize in medial and surgical treatment of foot and ankle (and toes)
A podiatrist . Specializes in all forms of foot care and would be happy to help you wityh your condition.
Sore toe. I would recommend you consult with a podiatrist if you have a sore toe.
Yes. anything that occurs in the foot, you should seek help from a podiatrist .
Your primary. Care doctor may be able to help you also.
Foot doctor. Yes, you can certainly see a foot doctor. If it is more convenient to see your primary care doc you can do that as an alternative. He/she may refer you however. Peace and good health.
Yes. A podiatrist is qualified by his or her education and training to diagnose and treat conditions affecting the foot, ankle, and related structures of the leg. Podiatrists are uniquely qualified among medical professionals to treat the foot and ankle based on their education, training, and experience.