Why do so many doctors scoff when I tell them I believe in holistic medicine?

They're suffering. Some conventionally trained physicians may not realize that by its very nature, medicine is "holistic" -- involves the whole person (body, mind, emotions, and spirit) and relationships are essential too. Conventional training may also downplay the role of healing in patient recovery. In allowing this, we disconnect ourselves from what drew us into medicine in the first place. Great loss for all.
Training / research. Physicians tend to know & trust what they are trained in. A minority of drs in the us practice holistic medicine. Most western trained physicians want to practice evidence-based medicine with well -constructed scientific studies definitively showing benefit. Quality research can be very expensive - & is often paid for by drug companies. Without research or the training- many are warry.
Trained to scoff. When you look at conventional medicine, the people making the biggest money are the pharmaceutical companies. They have tremendous influence over what is taught in medical schools & have the most to lose by people using natural alternatives. I believe it is through their influence that doctors are taught to be skeptical of alternative & holistic approaches. Please see my comment for more on this:.
Not taught in school. I did not learn about holistic medicine, nutrition or blood chemistry in my original schooling. Doctors want evidence based information ; there is good, solid research, just is not widely disseminated. Holistic medicine requires being open, interested ; investing time ; money for trainings. After learning about alternatives, there are additional costs for equipment ; supplies. It can feel risky.