Does prayer work for everything?

Work for everything? "prayer" has intrigued scientists for years. Here's a link on this: http://www. Newsmax. Com/newsfront/scientific-benefits-prayer-works/2011/12/20/id/421663 there are scientific benefits of meditation, focusing, and even prayer apart from any specific religious doctrine. In addition, a sense of meaning, purpose, faith, and inspiration contributes a unique type of happiness to a person's life.
Depends. Prayer can make you feel good inside. It is useful for believers as it allows for an external comfort for ones problems. Tests of prayer for specific outcomes have never proven better than random. So it is not used medically but can be used personally.
Benefits of prayer. Prayer can be a powerful tool. However, I think that sometimes when one asks if prayer works, they are asking if they will get the outcome that they want. Sometimes we will end up with the desired outcome but often we don't. Independent of outcome, prayer has remarkable value. Ernest prayer can move mountains of loneliness. It can help us to muster courage when we need it the most. Cont'd.