Been feeling sick for 4 days now. Had some mild stomach cramps, flu like symptoms. Today for the the first time I had pale clay like stool.

Pale Stool. Pale stool suggests bile is not being delivered to small intestine. May be seen with variety of issues. But with other symptoms I am concerned about hepatitis. If this persists, you develop right upper quadrant abdominal pain or your contacts develop similar symptoms see your doc right away. If this does not occur again I would not worry. Until then avoid acetaminopen and alcohol.
Viral Infection. If you are not having Jaundice, than pale color stool is ok. Rest, increase fluid and Vit. C helps. If fever is not respondin to Tylenol (acetaminophen) or Aleve like drug, please get examined by your doctor, as 4 days and going on 5 thday is long time for Flu Like infection.
See your doctor. need to make sure it's not fat malabsorption syndrome that felt like stomach flu? Did it float vs. sink? That's the dead giveaway. If it sank, you're in luck. Hope you feel better! .