I feel pain my left kidney Dr. Says that it's normal but not own place it's down and urine vain seaze many times, ever urine bladder not empty.

Second opinion. If you cannot completely empty your bladder, and have pain, you need to be checked again, see someone else, if you are not satisfied with the answer again, or just see some one else now for a second opinion. If you are going to the bathroom all the time you might have a bladder infection instead. If you have fever over 101 degrees F or vomiting you are very sick and need to go to an ER.
Ectopic kidney. Your doctor may be right, but if you are having pain and urinary problems you should review this with a urologist and discuss the problems. The last part of you message does not make sense, please clarify ?
See PCP. Or urologist to find out what's causing this. This is your first step!