I broke a blood vessel in my eye. My doctor told me not to take fish oil. Should I also stop drinking carrot juice which also has a lot of vitamin A?

Fish oil can lead. to increased bleeding, which is why your doctor told you not to take it, but Vitamin A does not typically cause increased bleeding.
Stop fish oil. carrot juice has a lot of Vit A: Just a happy Holidaze: "true, true, and unrelated."
Mostly just happens. Oh if only fish oil or vitamins were that effective! Aspirin like drugs are more of a concern. This is a common condition that can be associated with diabetes (inside) or trauma (eye surface).
Less Vit A intake? . Since Vit A excess CAN cause increased intracranial and introcular pressures, I would recommend to stay away from any Vit A sources for a while, which includes carrot juice, ask your doctor for the timetable on this restriction, and other foods, such as liver, sweet potato, squash, apricots, and cantaloupe.

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Fish oil is a blood thinner that doesn't help broken eye vessels. Is carrot juice also a blood thinner that doesn't help broken eye vessels to heal?

Neither do. Fish oil does prolong bleeding time but not significantly, unless used in high doses usually combined with other anticoagulants like aspirin. Carrot juice, a good source of beta carotene, insignificantly affects bleeding time. Now, your broken eye vessels would not be expected to heal faster with the above, but may slightly increase bruising occurrence, particularly with subconjunctival hemorrhage. Read more...
None are . Dominant basis for viscosity (thickness) of blood is stickiness between RBCs due to surface glycoprotein groups on red blood cell membranes. Becoming anemic ?es blood viscosity; but not healthy. None of the agents commonly referred to as "thinners" ? viscosity. What do they do? Either ? clotting &/or ? rate of clot degradation inside vessels; thus anticlotting agents. Problems? They ? bleeding, Read more...