Home remedies for Coughing with phlegm.

Cough. A good remedy for coughing is honey (buckwheat is good choice) with lemon juice added to Chamomile tea or ginger tea. Hydrate well. Humidifier can help.
Several. saline nasal irrigation to clear sinus and nose Turpin hydrate and codeine cough or over the counter cough meds or cough drops. Humidifier.
Start by hydrating. and getting enough liquids (warm) in you that's non-caffeinated and staying away from dairy, sugars, grains, processed foods, fried foods of any kind to start with, and add whole foods (nonGMO veges, fruits) to your diet. Keep the diet simple, as potential food allergies could be clouding the picture. Some people (not necessarily doctors) advocate apple cider vinegar with purified water.